Available Now

Create and manage calendars now with our phased approach, while we continue to develop event discovery features.

Create Calendar

Design and organize your calendar. Customize with colours and descriptions.

Add Event

Easily add events into your custom calendar. Add colours and attachments to personalize your events.


Invite others to subscribe to your calendar or join your events with ease.


Easily RSVP to events directly through the website.

Event Tracking & Reminders

Track events, receive notifications, and set reminders to stay updated.

Event Listing

Comprehensive event information including date, time, and location.

Social Sharing

Share events effortlessly on various social networks.

Join Qariyb

Create your first Qariyb account for free. Start hosting events for your community.

Coming Soon

Event Discovery

Find events based on keywords, categories, dates, or locations.

Secure Payment Processing

Enjoy a secure and convenient payment processing system, ensuring hassle-free ticket purchases and transactions.

Filtering & Sorting

Refine search results and sort events by relevance, date, or popularity.

In-app Chat

Integrated in-app chat feature to connect event hosts and attendees seamlessly.