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At Qariyb, we're all about empowering the Muslim community with personalized and meaningful events and activities. With our platform, you'll never miss out on community-building experiences that align with your values and interests.

Our Vision

Empower the global Muslim community through a central hub for events, activities, and resources, enhancing faith, knowledge, and well-being.

Our Mission

To curate events tailored to the faith, values, and interests of the Muslim community.

Our Value

Qariyb ensures quality and authenticity, promoting beneficial and educational events aligned with Islamic principles through trusted organizers and community guidelines.

"As a community, we share the responsibility of safeguarding each other's well-being, as beautifully stated by the Prophet (pbuh): 'The relationship of the believer with another believer is like (the bricks of) a building: each strengthens and supports the other.' With Qariyb, we aim to bridge this gap and nurture the future well-being of our communities, building a stronger, more caring Ummah together."

Abubakar Sheriff  

Founder of Qariyb

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We welcome event organizers, volunteers, and passionate individuals to collaborate with us and contribute to our mission of providing an exceptional event discovery experience for the Muslim community.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Qariyb is the go-to events calendar for Muslims. It streamlines the entire process for organizers, empowering them to manage their events with ease and reach their target audience efficiently. At the same time, it provides event enthusiasts with the power to subscribe to calendars and stay in the know about events that interest them. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Benefits for Event Organizers:

  • Manage all your events in one platform
  • Increased visibility and maximum exposure to events
  • Engage with local community and businesses

Benefits for Event Enthusiasts:

  • Subscribe to event calendars that align with your interests
  • Conveniently access information in once centralized location
  • Foster a sense of community with other community members

Qariyb plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community among Muslims. In a post-pandemic world, where social gatherings were restricted, having a platform like Qariyb allows us to continue connecting with our fellow Muslims and participating in various activities that bring us together. These activities not only help us build stronger bonds within the community but also provide a sense of spiritual connection and well-being. By using Qariyb, we can remain connected to our mosques, masjids, and other community spaces, which helps us to maintain our faith and feel a sense of belonging.

Qariyb empowers event organizers to digitally publish their events in a simple way. You will be able to easily create calendars and add events to those calendars, whether standalone or recurring and have them sent out to your subscribers as well members of the local community. Users can have the option to receive notifications of your new event and will be able to RSVP and add it to their calendar.

Qariyb's Events Calendar helps to centralize all your events and manage preferences in one location.

Subscribing to a Calendar: Users can subscribe to specific event calendars tailored to their interests. This personalized feature ensures you receive updates on events that matter to you.

Viewing Events: While no account is needed to view individual events, having an account is essential for subscribing to calendars or bookmarking events for future reference.

Sharing with Others:Found an exciting event? Share it seamlessly with friends and family, making event planning a collaborative experience.

Bookmarking Events:Keep track of events you're interested in by bookmarking them. An account is required for this feature, offering a convenient way to revisit and plan your attendance.

Qariyb's Events Calendar is designed to cater to your specific interests, allowing you to subscribe to and stay informed about events that align with your preferences.

Qariyb is free for both organizers and attendees during its beta version. Once the platform is out of beta, organizers will have the option to use premium features for a monthly/yearly fee. However, the core features will remain free of charge, so organizers can still connect with their community, plan and promote their events, and engage with attendees, without any extra costs.

Our events calendar platform is tailored specifically for the Muslim community. Unlike general event management tools, we provide a dedicated space for Muslims to discover events aligned with their faith, values, and interests. From religious lectures to family-friendly activities, our platform offers a curated experience that fosters a sense of community. We understand the needs of our users and strive to create an inclusive platform that enhances their event discovery and community engagement. It's not just about managing events; it's about creating meaningful connections within the Muslim community."

  • We don't share event host or guest data with any third party.
  • We do not sell your information.
  • For detailed information, please read our privacy policy.