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Loved By The Muslim Community

“As someone that moved a few times and travels a lot, it’s always challenging to find events and meeting new people. This is what inspires me about Qariyb. It fills a crucial gap for our community to discover local events, to help us connect!”

Omar Khan

Co-founder & CEO of Ruh

“Muslim events are scatters all over the place. Unless you are part of a specific group, you’ll need luck to stumble upon them. Qariyb is removing the luck factor. It gives a chance for Muslims to showcase the diversity of their interests. All in one place.”

Amine Dyane

Founder of The Muslim Shepherd

“Such an awesome idea! Connecting with other like-minded Muslims who share similar values and goals is no longer a challenge. Qariyb has the ability to foster a sense of belonging and unity within the Muslim community all over the world!”

Fatihah Zubairy

Brand Ambassador of KRE Resources

How Qariyb Works

A centralized hub

Qariyb simplifies event planning for Muslim organizers, bringing all their events into one platform. It also empowers event enthusiasts to subscribe to event calendars that align with their interests.

Connect with your community

Join the Muslim community by attending local events. Meet new people, build relationships, and strengthen your ties within the community.

Stay informed & engaged

Qariyb keeps you updated on upcoming Muslim events, ensuring that you never miss out on important gatherings or opportunities to connect with others.

Join our community of Muslim event enthusiasts.